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How Did Our Homeowners Hear About Us?

Betterliving patios and sunrooms have been advertised on broadcast television since 1992, half hour "infomercials" featuring actual Betterliving Patio and Sunroom owners, and daytime television commercials on the noon news, game shows, and even Oprah Winfrey!

Check your mail! Many Betterliving dealers offer special coupons and savings events in Clipper and Reach magazines, local coupon circulars and Shoppers' specials delivered to your home or post office box.

Read the paper! Betterliving may be advertised in your local newspaper - with sunroom specials just for your area!

If you're a NASCAR fan, check out the Betterliving sunroom logo on the Busch Series team Fitz Motorsports.

Visit your local home and garden show - many Betterliving sun room owners get learn about our products through home show displays.

And watch for Betterliving yard signs in your neighborhood! More than 11% of Betterliving sunroom owners were recommended by friends, relatives and neighbors!

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