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Awning Lightbars

Celebrate the romance of the evening! Retractable awnings provide cool shade all day. Now you can create a cozy outdoor atmosphere at night with the addition of a light bar under your Estate awning. A standard fluorescent light is built into the front bar of the awning and provides soft mood lighting for every outdoor occasion. Lovely for nighttime entertaining-perfect for commercial applications, too.

  • Choose white or sandstone frame to compliment your home or business.
  • Color matched electric raceways pre-built into the awning conceal the wiring.
  • Fits awnings with a maximum width of 18' and maximum projection of 11' 6"
  • Lighting fixture runs along the front bar profile under your awning, providing subtle, warm, mood lighting.

Draw attention to your business day and night. Illuminate your entryway and your company name and logo:

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