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More Betterliving Products

In addition to our sunrooms, we also carry the following products as well:

Exterior Solar Shades


Protect your home from the sun with
Betterliving's motorized exterior solar shades!

Increase the energy efficiency of your home and add
a distinctive look with Betterliving shade products.

Replacement Windows

Retractable Canopies

Look no further if you want replacement windows
that perform flawlessly, look beautiful and last a

A unique alternative to the traditional pergola
or patio cover!


Screen Rooms

Derived from the summerhouses of Old England,
conservatories are a special place where you can
enjoy the marvels of nature and the outdoors...

Sit outside without the worry of insects or rain...

Pergola Canopies

Lightbars for Awnings

Looking for more from your pergola?

Enjoy your existing awning at night!

Wood Plank Ceiling System

Luxury Gazebos

Add the beautiful look of natural wood in your
sunroom! Maintenance free, pre-finished and
durable, these interlocking tongue and groove planks
can be included in your new sun room, or retro-fit
any existing aluminum sunroom, patio room or

Enjoy your back yard like never before.
Take in a good book,listen to the radio,
catch your favorite television program or
spend time with your family and friends.

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