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Like charts and graphs? Click here to see the different reasons homeowners wanted a sunroom for their homes... and why they choose Betterliving as their sunroom company! Here is your chance to see the scientific side of why people buy sunrooms. See why they chose Betterliving for their homes.

Sunroom Guide

What is a Sunroom? A sunroom is a glass and screen outdoor living room installed on a wood or concrete foundation. It is also referred to as a patio room, solarium, patio enclosure or Florida room. Walls of glass bring in sunlight, and protect you from wind, bugs, rain, and chill. Composed primarily of single or double pane glass, sunrooms should be designed to fit the style and look of your home. Sunroom additions are a popular means of home improvement. They are an affordable way of adding quality space to your house.

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More charts and graphs of our homeowners. Who buys sunrooms may surprise you. People of all ages enjoy Betterliving. See where you fall in the Betterliving homeowner mix.

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Find out how our homeowners learnt about Betterliving.

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