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3 Season Patio Rooms Photo Gallery

Patio Rooms

Patio rooms and Patio screen rooms add extra space to your home and extend the outdoor living season with a studio or A Frame style, or Betterliving offers options to build under an existing roof. Custom patio rooms also add value to a home, and can be a selling point to a potential homebuyer. Adding a patio screen room or customized patio will be like adding a den, game room, or sitting area to any house for a fraction of the cost. Colors include soft white, desert sand and new earthstone. Available with single pane or insulated glass to extend the outdoor living season!

P1 - Studio Sunroom Addition

This studio is low on the ground, allowing all round doors for an outdoor feeling.

P2 - Sunroom Therapy

P3 - A Frame Sunroom

Spacious all-glass A frame allows use of the existing deck.

P4 - Angled Sunroom

Custom designed sunroom - providing an angled wall for a better garden view, as well as extended roof.

P5 - Sunroom Under Existing Roof

3 Season walls were added to the existing roof, creating a patio room.

P6 - Studio Garden Sunroom

Looking out over wooded acres down to a small stream that runs through the property, the Castor family just loves their sun room addition. It's perfect for them, their grandchildren, and their many prize winning cats!

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