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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings By Betterliving

Protected by your Retractable Awning - you can enjoy all the outdoors has to offer! Now you can be outside to enjoy all the fun warm weather brings, without exposure to direct sun and harmful UV rays. Not only does a retractable awning by Betterliving bring shaded comfort to decks, patios, terraces and pool areas, it will help protect your health and the health of your family.

Simply open your retractable awning when you want shade, and leave closed when you don't. No more languishing indoors because you cannot bear the blistering sun. With your retractable awning you won't miss a thing!

Plus, you'll be amazed at how much you'll save. Not only do retractable awnings block out the sun, reducing your air conditioning bills, it also blocks out 94% of the harmful UV rays, helping to prevent fading of carpet, drapes and upholstery in your home. And because the awning is retractable, you have no costly maintenance or removal costs in winter.

Retractable Awnings by Betterliving - for the best outdoor experience at your home.

Betterliving offers a variety of shade products to help you save energy and keep your outdoor - and indoor - spaces cooler and more comfortable.

Retractable Awnings Features

  • Choose from manual, motorized, wireless remote control and automatic weather detection system controls.
  • No poles or framework
  • Over 200 fabric choices
  • Custom designed in a wide array of sizes
  • Lifetime limited manufacturer's warranty on components
  • 12 Year Fabric warranty on Northport Fabrics
  • 5 Year Motor Warranty
  • All aluminium baked-on enamel and powder coated finishes
  • Completely covered stainless steel fasteners for no maintenance.
  • Exclusively sewn with translucent Gore(r) Tenara sewing thread. This thread is 100% expanded PTFE, one of the most chemically resistant substances known! Backed up by a manufacturer's guarantee to produce seams that last a lifetime.
  • Teflon(r) coated bushings for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Fabulous fabrics! Unlike old fashioned canvas awnings, Betterliving Retractable Awnings feature 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric from the world's leading mills. Choose from hundreds of fabric patterns and colors to create a totally unique look for your retractable awning. All Betterliving Retractable Awning fabrics are backed with a guarantee against rot, mildew and variations in dimensional stability and color.

Fabric Retractable Awnings by Betterliving are built to perform and last. Our retractable awning system is engineered with the finest features of any retractable awnings worldwide.

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