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Retractable Canopies

A new sensation from Europe - and an improvement on open pergolas. Use for sun and rain shelter - free standing or attached to adjacent structure. Ideal by the pool, or for outdoor restaurant seating.

You can also see videos of the canopies in action!

C1 - Retractable Canopy

Relax under the shade of a retractable canopy to create a comfortable outdoor patio space!

C2 - Canopy on Existing Pergola

Add a canopy to your existing pergola to shade your area and create a beautiful finished look!

C3 - Canopy over HotTub

A canopy with side curtains provides privacy for the hot tub.

C4 - Pool Canopy

Add a canopy to your pool area to provide instant shade.

C5 - Pool Canopy 2

This swim club added a canopy to their existing pergola to provide shading for their guests.

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